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AVM070WIA08C Series 7

Production information


  • Wide viewing angle (L/R/U/D:70/70/60/70) 
  • High Brightness (350nits) 
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20℃~+70℃) 
  • Long Lifetime B/L : 20000Hrs. 
  • 4-wired resistance touch panel (option)
  AVM070WIA08C series are 7.0” color TFT LCD modules with LED backlight unit and a 40-pin 6bit TTL interface.

This module supports 800x480 WVGA mode and displays 262K color. It is suitable for industrial and medical applications.

General Specification 

Characteristic Value
Display Size 7.0 inches
Resolution  800xRGBx480
Active Area  152.4(H)x91.44(V) 
Outline Dimension  165(H)x104.5(V)x5.2(D)
Surface Treatment  3H (Anti-Glare)
Response Time 16ms 
Characteristic Value
Brightness 350nits
Backlight type LED
Operating range   -20℃~+70℃
Viewing Angle 70/70/60/70 
Contrast Ratio  400
Light Source Lifetime 20000Hrs.